Sangoma P330: a few translation and display issues

I know the phone is new, but just in case you (Sangoma) need some feedback from Austria/Germany.

When a call comes in and doesn’t get answered, the first horizontal key on the display changes from “Anruflisten” to “Verpasste Anrufe”…yet the text doesn’t fit on the key anymore (see image). Maybe you just leave the English version “Missed calls”. On the neighboring key it still says “Contacts” instead of “Kontakte” anyway. Same with horizontal key “Parking” instead of “Parken”.

In the display settings the keys down and up are labeled with “Nieder” and “Oben”. That sounds weird! Leave the English terms.

In the audio settings it says “Nr.” instead of “Nein”. The description of this setting does not fit on the screen (see image). It seems to be “Lautstärke nach Anruf zurücksetzen”.




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One more thing… :wink:
I am/was a fan of the Digium D65 phone and since the P330 is supposed to be its successor…could you please adapt the green color on the display, so that it fits the green color of the LED-keys. Currently, it (green window during call) really hurts…in reality even more than on the photo :wink:

The Digium D65 really was a perfect phone…and most importantly a beauty…so for the P330 it’s kind of a tough job :wink:

The green color on the display is much different to the green color on a screenshot (cgi-bin/screen_shot)…by the way. If the screenshot displays the original color, it has something to do with the color settings of the display…I guess.

Clearly, the screen of the P330 does not display the colors correctly. When I compare it to the P370 the green color is different on the P330…kind of ugly. Please fix it, so that the colors on the P370 and the P330 are identical.
By the way the boot screen with the sunset (P330) isn’t very pretty either…looks like a phone from the 1980s…the blue version on the P370 is better.
The big advantage of the P-series phones though, is that the ghost of Digium is still alive (software)! :smiley:

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