Sangoma P325 Provisioning

Current PBX Version:
Current System Version: 12.7.8-2203-2.sng7
EPM: 15.0.51
P325 Firmware: 4.6.3

Provisioning of the P325 model is only possible with the Digium Phone Module but only partial (Time Zone, Language etc.). Any configurations via EPM are ignored by this phone.
While the Digium Phone module is uninstalled, phone is trying to fetch config but it fail after timeout.(Redirection via to local IP Adress off FreePBX)
Dedicated template for P325 has been already created and assigned to endpoint and extension.
If you need some log outputs or have some question, please let me know.


Did you enable “use DPMA” in the general settings of EPM?

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Thank you! I did it after your reply, P325 fetch now configuration from server

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