Sangoma P325 dialing immediately

I have FreePBX V16 running, I have 6 Sangoma P325 Phones, they all start to dial an outgoing number immediately, before I have had a chance to enter the full number, ie dialing 0123456789, but the phones starts to dial after 012 has been entered. If I dial using a number stored in the contacts then it calls o.k.

edit: I have changed the dial pattern in the template to be [x*]+.T0
this allows me to dial a number with the handset down and then press make call and it works, however if i lift the handset I only manage to get the first 3 digits in from the number I am dialing.

On the WikI there is an option for Dial Entry Time in Endpoint Manager, however this is not available in the FreePBX version I am running.

FreePBX - 16.0.26
Distro - 12.7.8-2208-2.sng7
Asterisk Version - 18.14.0

Has anyone any ideas please.




Does anyone have any ideas on this please. I do think it is down to the dial pattern but I am unsure. I have also tried this dial pattern x+#|xx+* but get the same results.



In working with the P series phones I discovered that you need to change the dial plan for any number starting with a 9 (which I’m sure is related in some way) so it doesn’t dial out halfway thru dialing the number.

I am currently using this dial pattern:

Try that and see if there are any changes.

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