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I just purchased a few Sangoma P315 phones cause I thought they would be just as good or better than the Sangoma S206 phones for the price (client only likes cheap basic phones).

The S-Series seems to do the auto-provision really well while these P315’s suck at it. This is a remote location so a multicast scan doesn’t work.

I tried setting the autoconfig to the remote IP of my PBX and even though I have it set for External, it keeps trying to load as Internal.

I even tried to manually configure the phone and that doesn’t seem to working too well either.

Anyone have any clues as to how to get these phones to work?

FreePBX version


We’ve run into this with one of our clients. Apparently these P-series phones can’t provision to a server or use Phone apps unless there’s a valid SSL certificate, and you can only use HTTPS provisioning.

Try this:

  • Set template address to match the FQDN
  • set Phone Apps protocol to HTTPS in template
  • set address to use the FQDN, the same FQDN that was used to generate the cert
  • save template, rebuild phone config, apply config and THEN reprovision phone

For P 31X is not a requirement to have HTTPS. It should just work with plain HTTP.
I suggest to open up a support ticket so we can help you out.

Ummm…Sangoma support is where we got that information?


Hi Chris,

Thanks for the tips, but no go.

I do have everything set to the FQDN but using HTTPS isn’t an option. Only HTTP is available.

I’m thinking of just sending these phones back and sticking to the S-models. I know those work.

Thanks again,

I’m confused to what the issue is. The Sangoma P phones use DPMA for provisioning. You configure DPMA in EPM as enabled, choose a transport (presumably 5060) and set a global PIN. From the phone you can use zero touch or manually set the config sever to the PBX host name/ip and the DPMA port. That’s how you provision a P phone, you don’t use apache (http/https) at all.

For the phone Apps you can select https assuming you’ve gone thru the steps to set up a TLS cert and enable https for the Phone Apps service in sysadmin, but that is separate from provisioning the phone.

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