Sangoma P-Series Phones Unable to Pull Template

I have a new cloud hosted (Vultr) FreePBX instance running FreePBX 16 with Asterisk 18 (using the official .ISO); all OS and module updates applied. I have the Starter Bundle commercial modules, and the setup has been relatively painless except for an issue where Sangoma P-Series phones are unable to pull down their template. For the record, this is my first time using a Digium based phone of any kind; I’ve only ever used S-series with zero touch provisioning.

I have just over 50 phones in this deployment, and they are all P-Series except for 3 of the DB20 cordless. I did have an s505 available for testing, and it is able to pull down template data without issue. I obviously have the redirect in the Sangoma portal, and DPMA setup in FreePBX at least partially right because the phones are able to register with FreePBX, and send/receive calls without issue. But, It just does not pull down its corresponding template even though it is properly selected in extension mapping. I’ve tried leaving mDNS enabled, and also disabling it under the DPMA settings. I am only relying on the responsive firewall that’s baked into FreePBX, so I don’t suspect it is blocking the traffic. If it helps, one other thing I noticed, is on P370’s, the presence is not showing correctly. The user set their presence to available in UCP, and also adjusted the presence in the Sangoma Connect mobile app, but it does not reflect the change on the P370 phone.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! The number porting process for this customer has already begun, and I want to have this template issue resolved before the cut over.



“Endpoint manager is also fixed. Under Sip settings----->Change_Pjsip, you have to change the SSL Method to tlsv1_2 and restart asterisk. I didn’t see this in any documentation but was told by Sangoma support it’s a known issue on the Pseries phones. This change made EP start working.”

Saw this on another P-series post, maybe it is related to your issue? Not sure, but thought I would share.

This is what my settings look like. Maybe I need to change “Verify Client” to No?

P370’s are fully working on both my On Premise v16 and Vultr Hosted v15…all apps and presence are working…

Here are screenshots from all of the areas I suspect to be applicable to the DPMA provisioning. Do any of these settings look off?

Endpoint Manager…

DPMA Settings:

Global Settings:

Extension Mapping:

Template - General (I have tried both internal and custom for both Destination and Provisioning Server with no change):

System Admin…

Provisioning Protocols:

Port Management:

HTTPS Setup:

@defcomllc, maybe you can compare to your settings, and see if anything seems off…

I was finally able to resolve the issue by tinkering with the “general” settings under the template. I set both destination address and provisioning server address to internal, and set both protocols to HTTPS. Also, under the Endpoint Manger > Global Settings, I had set the internal address to be the FQDN of the server (matching the SSL certificate) instead of the IP address. I think it was a combination of those things that fixed the issue. It makes sense if you’re using HTTPS for provisioning and phone apps, that you would need to use the FQDN for the internal address instead of the IP address.

Thanks for your help!


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