Sangoma P-series phones https-requirement for phone apps - why? (Update: is it already fixed?)

I have played around with the Sangoma P370 for some time and now I have a P330 too. Why is https for phone apps a requirement and not just an option? The problem is that in some (network) settings it just isn’t possible to resolve the FQDN to a local ip and you can’t get the phones to work. To be precise, the P330 just needs it for the queue app…yet the P370 has no phone apps at all.

Why don’t you (Sangoma) just let the user decide? In a local network without any port forwarding (phone system, phones) there is no need to fool around with certificates etc.

But maybe I am wrong…

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I feel this too.


Maybe I complaint about something, you (Sangoma) already fixed?! :thinking:
After I realized that the P330 works with phone apps in a local network without https, I updated the firmware of the P370 and tried the same settings (EPM, destination-internal, udp, http, provisioningserver-internal, phoneappsprotocol-http)…now the phone-apps seem to work! :smiley:

Why does it still say?

EDIT: Yet my settings are…and both phones work with phone apps

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