Sangoma P models missing in EPM template

Hey everyone, 10 years of using freepbx and I’ve finally hit something I just can’t figure out!
Testing out my new S370 (first time using Sangoma/Digium phone) and I finally got “D & P series phone” link to show up on EPM by adding the Digium brand. But now I only have D40 - D70 as available models.

My setup: Freepbx model 40 appliance running & asterisk 16.30.0
EPM version, DPMA is enabled v3.6.6, Digium phone config module is uninstalled
i’ve tried fwconsole chown and fwconsole ma upgradeall

I’m wondering if it has something to do with having restored a backup from freepbx v13 (just got the new appliance and migrated my activation from a whitebox server)

P series phones are all branded Sangoma, not Digium. You want the Sangoma brand for the P370.

Right, but in the sangoma menu I only had the “S series” link/button until I went in and added Digium from the “Add Brand” button. After doing this digium didn’t show up in the list but when I go into the sangoma menu a second link showed up “D & P series”

You don’t need the Digium brand enabled for P Series phones. They are provisioned from the Sangoma brand.

Ok… Again I’m in the sangoma brand template and available models does not include any p series phones. This is what I’m trying to figure out.

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