Sangoma P and S Series Phones Distinctive Ring Internal Calls

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So we have a deployment thats all Sangoma based phones the P310 and S505 / S705. The only thing I’ve seen is very old posts about using alert info. Is this still the case, what is the best way for setting up the phones so internal calls ring differently than external?

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Yeah that’s from 2009, I was hoping over 10 years later it might of been a bit more straight forward as the shore tell system we replaced that was even older had this functionality oh well guess I’ll give this a go :slight_smile:

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You have built in support for distinctive ringtones. Settings > Advanced Settings > Internal Alert Info.

Prior to that setting being available in the GUI, we had set in EPM the default ringtone to the internal ringtone we wanted and then on each inbound route we set the distinctive ringtone to the “real default” ringtone…

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So all you should have to do is set this setting in advanced settings and the phones will automatically adapt to that?

Secondary question, since its a mix of both S series and P Series, it seems you can only select a distinctive ring for one type of phone as the P and S Series don’t have the same ring tone sets.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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It all boils down to if the phone understands the alert info and if there’s actually such a ringtone on the phone.

If you use a custom ringtone, you’ll need to reboot the phone.

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Well that’s the problem I would think, again it’s a bunch of p310 phones and S series phones and neither have overlapping ring tones. So that menu option seems to only let you specify one ring tone leaving you with either one or the other.

So I guess I’m just confused how it could even work since neither phone series has the same ring tone

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I don’t have any P phones, but they may have the same ringtones.

All you need to do, is let’s say select Ring 3 and whatever Ring 3 is on the phone, that will go off.

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