Sangoma P-325 Phones failover

How exactly does the failover (secondary pbx) work on the Sangoma P phones?


I see how to add the 2nd pbx IP address in the FreePBX Gui in the phone settngs. However, there is no place for auth user/pass for that failover. Does it have to be the exact same auth user/pass on both pbx systems?

Is the phone actively registered to both pbx at the same time so that it can receive a call from either pbx at any time? Or does it ONLY register to the 2nd pbx when the primary pbx is down?

#1 The idea is that the extensions completely match on both PBXs.
#2 It only registers to the primary and fails over to the secondary if it looses the connection to the primary.

I wish they could actually register to 2 pbx (at the same time). I have 2 freepbx servers, but if the sip trunk on pbx #1 goes down and the incoming call goes to pbx #2, the phone won’t get the call because the phone is still successfully registered to pbx #1.

Not being able to register to both pbx servers messes up my redundancy strategy.

Most sip phones can register to multiple pbx servers at the same time.

I still wonder about this. According to this website:

“Sangoma phones, beginning with phone firmware 1.1 and DPMA 1.3, support simultaneous registration to two hosts.”

So, you are saying, 100% that the “simultaneous registration” is still ONLY 1 or the other? The phone absolutely cannot receive a call from host2 if host1 is currently registered?

Oh HEY! That is new information to me and I didn’t realize that the latest firmware versions have this functionality enabled. I can actually confirm that I am seeing P325 phones with the latest firmware actually registered to our fail over PBX.

Thanks for actually pointing this out.

Are they able to receive calls from either/both PBXs while the main PBX is still active?

Haven’t really tested it as this is a pretty new feature and don’t really have an easy way to test it as the implementation is pretty large and offsite but I don’t see why not given that the phone is registered in both spots.

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