Sangoma OS sqeezing question [solved]

Sangoma OS /root partition uses as much space as possible of disk.
So If a 500GB one is used , /root uses likely 490GB
I’m trying to reduce /root partition to free space in order to create another partititon
/dev/sdX3 is a PV containing two LV (root and swap)
What i’ve done:

No “live” operations : connect the freepbx disk to a machine running linux (ubuntu 22.10)
mount /dev/SangomaVG/root
xfsdump to a file
lvreduce to a smaller amount
xfsrestore from file
check /root partition

already at this time, with /root LV resized but PV not yet reduced, I boot the disk but it hangs to emergency shell with error :

superblock has unknown read-only compatible features (0xc) enabled

Any idea why is this ?

Has it something to do with doing operations with newer Ubuntu vs Centos7 ?

Thank you

I confirm is a new kernel/OS issue

All ok doing all operations with a Centos7 machine

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