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So, if you want something to be a secret, don’t make wiki pages prior to posting about it…

Nice use of Jitsi. I have long used Jitsi for the audio/video of my online D&D campaign.

FYI, VitalPBX has been doing this for a few weeks now.

Sangoma sent an email about this on the 15th.

I’m sad, i did not see that email blast last week :frowning:

Because since that is my brithday, I would have made a comment about it being a present for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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tested from china lot, it works. FreePBX should add jtsi module connecting with jitsi.

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Unfortunate that it’s Jitsi and not Asterisk!

Jitsi’s XMPP core is weird; SIP makes a lot more sense, especially for easy interop.

Asterisk has the core but lacks the front end libraries for doing the screen sharing and whiteboard stuff as a video stream.


I mean just using freepbx as a inbound call interface. Currently, jitsi’s users have to do some modifications in dialplan if connecting with sip connector.

There is a module called jitsi-meet that can act as a bridge between jitsi rooms and SIP video devices.
That’s where I’d see Asterisk 15 fitting in somehow.

I wish I had time to play with it.

I’m familiar, but my point is that a WebRTC conferencing app with Asterisk at the core would be nice (this is an Asterisk-related forum after all).


Hi All,

Thank you for using Sangoma Meet.
We have been working hard to make it our own with Jitsi at its core.
We have a dual geo-redundant cluster of video bridges and have been working hard
on optimizing the performance/video quality ratio that has been tricky to get right.

Here is our roadmap of what is coming up next

Great minds think alike: We already had the idea to use Asterisk as a Jitsi Videobridge (not that we are very original). Though from initial research it looks like a lot of work, so we are continuing to investigate. Would love to hear, if you think it’s a good idea and why?

@sorvani sorry you did not get an invite! Consider it a present from me to you :slight_smile:
And no, we were not trying to keep it a secret :slight_smile: Thus I made the wiki public from day one.

Feedback is appreciated, you can reach out to me directly or at [email protected]


It seems to be a good idea. Here’s why :wink:

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