Sangoma ip phone voip compatibility

Hello there ,
Is sangoma p320 compatible with Issabel PBX ?
Looking forward to your reply !!!

You probably want to direct that question to the Issabel people, right?

Since they’re putting together the platform, they’re the ones that are ultimately in charge of the experience of using any telephone with their platform.

Sangoma’s phones are, at their core, regular SIP phones. They do some unique things when used with Sangoma’s own platforms, that they probably don’t do with non-Sangoma platforms. But, they speak “SIP” just as other phones do.

They have configurable keys, and they have local apps, and they read remote files for contacts and for key layout. They have customizable ringtones. They have configurable alert handlers.

They’re designed to be driven by their configuration files, which are created by the platforms to which they’re attached…like FreePBX, or Switchvox, or Business Voice, or CommUnity… because they’re usually deployed in larger numbers. They’re not designed to be fully configurable via their web interfaces.

So, if Issabel provisions them, then…sure?

If Issabel doesn’t, then you’ll want to roll your own configuration files for them, most likely.

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