Sangoma ip addresses in firewall

Hi everyone.
I have noticed something today. was going through my configured networks in the firewall I noticed I have a couple of the dresses that refer themselves as sangoma cloud connect. These addresses are assigned as trusted. I did not have these addresses.

I have installed Zulu and sangoma connect is it possible that this is where it’s coming from?

They are generated automatically when Sangoma Connect is installed. If you wish, you can set them to the local zone assuming that the SIP services are also in the local zone.

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And it should not clutter up a USER (admin) screen.

At most this should create a single checkbox on the firewall screen for any one that wants to disable them for some reason. Then they should just be added behind the scene.

Horrible presentation.

Whilst I hear your point and, it can be quite surprisingly when you first come across this. It seems like sangoma has multiple servers that it needs you to white list. That is the only reason that there are quite a few cloud connect addresses. I am not sure that they can fix such an issue.

Easily. All they have to do is have the Sangoma Connect module tell firewall to allow the list of IP addresses in whatever DB table for file they keep them in.

Then have the firewall module account for that being enabled by showing a check box or single placeholder in the current form.

Edit: Also, DNS. Use FQDN instead and make sure the firewall module looks up and adds ALL the addresses for a record.

Two very simple, normal options that do not make a total f’ing mess of the screen.

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