Sangoma, I want to give you money...but I can't!

Ok - I am re-activating my old FreePBX boxes since I have now made friends with PJSIP and the new love of my life is Sangoma Connect!

I am scratch-loading the machines back into Hyper-V VM’s and my install procedure is

  1. Install
  2. yum update -y
  3. fwconsole ma upgradeall
  4. asterisk-version-switch to version 18

After which I look in activation and see this:

Which is correct - but then I go into Module Admin to renew the support and I see this:

How do I get the support renewal to be clickable? Or is there a different way to renew support? I always want the latest in Commercial Modules, so I don’t want it to think I am stuck at the module-du-jour.

In the Sangoma portal, Reports > Sales-Module Renewal By Deployment. There you can renew the license.

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Perfect - Thanks!

Ok - I obviously need to curl up with the Wiki this weekend…:wink:


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