Sangoma FreePBX400 - ISO Install?

Is it possible to put a FreePBX ISO on a usb and install that on a Sangoma FreePBX400 box?

Your specific model number is not listed, but the concepts here should help.

I don’t see any way to bring this to FreePBX15 given the documentation. I had hoped to make a backup, load up FreePBX15, and reinstall.

Seems like the FreePBX400 complicates things a little bit :frowning: (I know there is the version upgrader tool. I didn’t want to go that route.)

Well, that documentation is kind of ancient (at least in Internet terms), but a bootable FreePBX 15 USB should work just as well as the reinstaller USB mentioned in the doc.

What version of FreePBX is currently running on the appliance?

Version 13. I will try the USB ISO option, just afraid to.

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