Sangoma Freepbx system 60 appliance dead

(Laurent Francois) #1

Since 2016 I’ve a Sangoma freepbx phone system.
The motherboard died today.
I check inside the case the output power with a multimeter and I got 12V
I took off the ssd, tried an other RAM memory module
I took off the sangoma pci card A200-Remora
And same symptoms:
Only one red led on the mainboard turn on, fan spin on then fan stop and led turn off, then fan and led turn on then stop, cycle again and again.
I put an other SSD with a linux mint I knew was working and same problem cycle on and off.

Is there something I could try. Could it be the CMOS? others ideas.

What could be the best solution to restart everything? Buy the same appliance?

(Dave Burgess) #2

That’s something like 5-6 years. That’s like 42 in computer years.

Sounds like it’s time for a new one. If that’s a problem, you can try to find a compatible power supply, but I’m not even sure that would solve it. Start and stop is usually an indication of a short somewhere, but that’s just a guess, so the problem could literally be anywhere.

(Communication Technologies) #3

You could likely buy a comprable appliance for less than the time it would take you to troubleshoot/repair. I would recommend recycling the appliance and looking into used/old intel nuc or similar appliance.


Or even a $20 box from ant GoodWill Store, Asterisk is amazingly undemanding for a few concurrent calls.

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