Sangoma Freepbx 60 Appliance stopped working

My Sangoma 60 stopped working. Completely. The green light on the front blinks slowly. A monitor connected to the VGA acts like it is sleeping (NOT “No Signal”). When I plug a mouse or keyboard into the USB ports, the red light under the mouse comes on for a moment and then goes off. The Num Lock light on the keyboard does not light up. The orange light on the left side of the NIC stays lit, but the green one on the right of the NIC does not come on. Power cycling, from the switch and unplugging the cable yields the same results. Where do I start?

Could try this:

Contacting Sangoma to see what is availbe for troubleshooting/support is also a good option.

Thanks, I saw that but didn’t try since the USB ports seem not to be working. But I can give it a shot.

I took it out of the closet and now can hear that the fan starts and then stops after around a second. SOme kind of hardware problem. How do I diagnose?

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