Sangoma FPBX 60 boot loader issues

(Justin Knapp) #1

Getting two options to boot from when i start the machine from cold (or power loss occurs) and the default option will not load the PBX at all. Gives an EFI error, and sits. Takes another reboot and a MANUAL selection of the 2nd boot option for it to actually boot the PBX. Any options to disable this?


Hello, try this from the command line:

yum clean all
yum upgrade -y
yum reinstall kernel

(Shahin Nazir) #3

Check your PBX 60 Appliance BIOS battery.

(Justin Knapp) #4

I was able to try that, and it did help to get it booting on the first option now. What is confusing though, is why we have 3 different boot options to choose from to begin with.

Also, when it boots, it still gives us the brief EFI error message:

but then immediately snaps to the “Login” prompt, and all phones are working at this point.