Sangoma Endpoint Manager licence on backup server

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I have purchased the Sangoma endpoint module and I am finally ready to go in production with an updated system. I took an image of the server and put it on a backup server to be ready in case of a hardware failure on the main server.

While testing my backup server, I realized that the endpoint module is not registered which I understand perfectly. However, given this scenario, I was wondering what is the solution ? Am I expected to buy another copy of the module for the backup server ? What do people do in this situation ?

Thank you


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Yes each system needs its own license for used commercial modules

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If it’s really a “backup server” – it’s only going to be turned up when the original is toast – then what would be the issue with leaving it unlicensed and then just move the deployment when disaster strikes?

I can see the difference between a backup and a warm spare where you might flip over to the spare from time to time and thus in reality it is a second server.

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Even with a cold standby, it is good practice to swap from time to time to ensure that it is actually working and you can do the swap in an emergency. A backup that cannot be brought into service when it is needed, is not a useful backup.

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No doubt about that, but we’re talking about the endpoint module specifically, so unless he would need to reprovision his phones immediately upon restore it shouldn’t be necessary to have the license ready and waiting.


It is true that I dont absolutely need the endpoint module ready if I need to use the backup in emergency. I will experiment with that and decide to buy or not. But I dont see why I should.



For ever Sangoma and their predecessors have always charged for ‘High Availability’ even if the original DRDB based solution could not ever use both servers at the same time (go figure that concept, at least you aren’t expected to pay $1500 x 2) , you will however have to buy two licenses for every commercial module you want functional if you ever activate a ‘switch’ or use up one of a very few ‘activations’ which presumably takes time until they work.

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