Sangoma Desktop Requirements

Forgive me asking a basic question here but with the Wiki down and me unable to find the information I am looking for in the new spot (I am sure it’s just me), I am trying to find out what the minimum version requirements for FreePBX/PBXact are for the Sangoma Dekstop softphone app.

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Sure, now it’s not really completed.
I hope it will get better soon. :thinking:

You might need to ask the sales team; I cannot seem to find it.

Thanks guys. I was just trying to find out if it was supported by FreePBX 14 or did it start with 15 and I think I am 90% sure it was 15 and up and that’s good enough for my needs. Didn’t want to spend much more time digging around for an answer that’s not documented in the new spot yet.

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