Sangoma DECT + Zulu & Call Device - Set default to non-speaker pickup

We are using the Sangoma DECT phone and Zulu.

We set the Zulu to call to device on click and auto answer. Zulu is installed on the same PC that runs a browser based CRM system that has phone numbers, which our staff click to dial.

What we expect to happen is that they click the number, Zulu makes the call using the DECT phone and automatically picks up the call and it begins to ring. This happens as expected. What is not desired is that the speakerphone is always activated.

Is there a setting somewhere to make the DECT phone pick up on the “earphone” if that’s what I can call it, instead of the speakerphone?

This phone is located in a rather public place and our staff there has to manually switch away from speakerphone with every call.

I hope I’m making sense, I don’t know how else to describe the situation.

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