Sangoma DECT cordless phone questions


I see that more than one (up to five) wireless handsets can be paired with a single base station. Does each handset function as its own extension, or do all the handsets on a single base station use the same extension?

Also, can anyone using them comment on real-world range? Docs say ‘up to 50 meters indoors’.


(Lorne Gaetz) #2

Yes. You can config each handset to whatever sip creds you want, which can be unique, or if you want have them register to the same pjsip ext.

Mine will reach between buildings at about 30ish meters, prob more but haven’t stress tested.

(Richard Smith) #3

Yes each handset can be a unique extension. They are basically relabelled RTX units but are OK. Had mixed reports in terms of distance but is probably down to the environment you are in. Most DECTs are they same from a range perspective. If you need more you can just use standard RTX repeaters.

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