Sangoma DC201 Volume Settings?

I picked up one of the new DECT phones to work with, and show to a client. The issue I ran into on the very first call is volume levels, the earpiece volume in call is a bit on the loud side, but looking at the handset didn’t reveal any way to adjust the in-call volume, how is this done?

Second, I was also told by the client I was testing with that my mic gain/volume was so high, that I was actually breaking up, no matter how quietly I was talking.

So in short I need to be able to adjust the mic and speaker volume, but I don’t see any easy way to actually do it. I looked at the DC201 WIKI, but again see nothing. So if anyone can give me any pointers on how to fix this so the phone is usable, I would sure be thankful…

I have run into the same issues with these Dect phones. Is there a way to adjust the volume like on a standard desk phone? Customer is complaining they must go into a quiet room to hear the call properly and the remote caller says they hear a lot of background noise.

So, Mic is set too high and ear piece volume is set way too low and I can’t see how this can be adjusted from the handset.

Support says you can only manage sound volume up and down through the EPM config file. Unfortunately there is no hard button for volume up and down. (Seriously!)

To change the volume,
Create new EPM Phones Template for DB20 users

  • Edit new template --> go to Options Tab --> Change following setting by default they are coming 0 --> HandSet Send Volume ; HeadSet Send Volume ; HandsFree Send Volume

After talking more with support they say P codes are not supported on this phone, so it’s off to the developers.

At this time, there is NO way to adjust the volume on these phones!

The phones we purchased are used in a restaurant where it can get noisy so it is required to up the volume and without this ability it makes them unusable.

Did you open a feature request?

No, but I was thinking bug report. I never considered volume to be a feature request, but I will now.

Hi @jasonmel:

Just testing with my D10 Sangoma DECT handset and the up/dn areas on the large round button do control earpiece volume while in a call. It’s not clear from the posts here if you are already aware of this, and perhaps find the volume range too limiting? Or are you talking about send volume control on the D10?


I actually didn’t see that and will have the customer try when they open. Do you know if there is anyway to correct the mic volume so background noise doesn’t overpower the call?

Thanks Lorne

Good one, I wouldn’t of even tried the center button for volume, but it does work. I also noticed pressing left seems to do the mute/unmute as well on the phone. I don’t see any function for right press, unless I missed something.

Now what I don’t see is the settings in the template that jason mentioned for Send Volume, and I looked multiple times. I know my EPM is current, so at a loss as to why it wouldn’t be present. It would be helpful, as everyone tells me I sound overdriven and distorted when I talk on that phone, so it just lays in the corner currently…

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