Sangoma DC201 basestation / DB20 handsets won't automatically register with SIP server - otherwise working with FreePBX/EPM

Have a very odd problem, hoping someone can help.
We use FreePBX 16 with commercial endpoint manager and a mix of primarily Sangoma S-series and Grandstream phones.
I have a DC201 basestation with three paired DB20 handsets. Provisioning seems to work just fine in general, and the phones work great in general, BUT for some reason the handsets will not automatically register with SIP. I have to log in to the basestation directly via its web interface, go to the “extensions” page, select them all and hit “start SIP registrations”. After that everything works perfectly.
This is a big problem because this is a remote area with regular power outages, and every time the power goes out these phones require a manual intervention.

Any ideas why this would be happening, or suggestions on what to investigate for troubleshooting?

Not sure what other info might be relevant: we’re using chan_pjsip and the phones get their info via simple TFTP provisioning. Everything is local and on the same VLAN. We do have responsive firewall and fail2ban enabled but the network these phones are on is trusted.

Andrew, with both having a sangoma device and a licensed EPM you should be able to contact sangoma support directly for this.

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