Sangoma DB20 & D10

I just received this new Sangoma wireless phone setup. I followed the instructions in the wiki and have things setup in endpoint manager. I then try and register the phone to the base using the 4 digit code handset access code under base station management however the phone does not register. Any ideas would be appreciated. PBXact 10.13.66-22

Have you verified the base station has retrieved the configuration from your PBX. If you login to GUI of the base station it should show the extensions created. Until you have extensions setup you can not pair handsets.

Yes, I can see the extension in the gui. It is showing green in the endpoint extension mapping, however it is not showing an IP like the other extensions. Using the same internal default template as another extension that is working fine with an S500 phone.

I was able to login to the base station by the IP address. I went under the extensions menu checked the box for the extension then did start SIP registration. That looks like it worked because now I have the IP address showing up in endpoint manager with an IP address and I and it is showing a response time. Back on the base station directly by IP under extensions I see the extension#, display name, server IP and the status is SIP registered. However the handset does not appear to be connecting. I go to the connectivity menu on the handset and do register, enter the correct code it says registering and nothing happens.

I am having a similar problem. I was able to get the handset to register to the base but the SIP extension is not registering. I can log into the base and check the box and register that way and all works fine. That is until the base is rebooted then I have to log in and manually register the SIP account again. Is there a setting somewhere to make the base auto register the SIP extension accounts?

I would like to know this as well. The phone has been working great, but every time the power is recycled, I need to re-register the SIP account.

I am having the same problem. One out of three phones registered.I didn’t do anything different from the first one that worked.
When I add the extension I do get a message that says, " says No IPEI is configured for extension{‘412’}. Are you ok to configure this DB20 extension without IPEI ?"
I do have the IPEI number in there though so it seems to be a bug in the system. It only complains the first time I save the extension.

After being registered and working for months none of my 3 Dect phones will register after a system upgrade. no setting changes were made and I see nothing in the asterisk log when they try to register.

in the base station web gui syslog I see:

loc3 .Info 2019-04-16T14:13:10Z 165-[ Registration of user 203 (ExtIdx#0001) on domain failed]

nothing shows in the asterisk logs for any attempts to register.

switched to edge modules, upgraded and had to re-add all the phones to the base station and now they all connect. not sure of which module it was that was causing the issue. I would guess EPM?

Im having this same issue as well. 2 phones registered to the base and working great for 6+ months. After recent FreePBX and modules update, 1 handset says no sip registration… Other handset is working just fine. Re-register and it registers successfully and displays extension name and number then quickly says “No Sip Registration”…

Any thoughts or suggestions on this one??

Just as an update to my last post… I logged into the Base Station and under extensions it also showed Sip Registration Error for that 2nd handset just like I was seeing on the handset itself. Initiated a Base Station reboot, and upon booting back up, both Extensions now show SIP Registered. So no idea why that 2nd extensions SIP registration kept failing after doing a full yum and fwconsole update a week or so ago but a simple base station reboot fixed the issue…

Does it have any default IP address ?

Because I reset the base and cannot find the IP address of the base.


No…check your DHCP server for the MAC of the base…

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