Sangoma D series phone logs?


Do the D Series phones have an internal log? Trying to trace down a REST-Parking app issue and when the app fails the PBX shows no log entries so I was wondering if the phones keep local logs and if so how to access them.

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check page 17…but I dont know where the log goes.


excellent thanks!

now… how do I enable the phone web ui in EPM???


tried to change it by editing the basefile. issue is, after saving the edit

<setting id=“web_ui_enabled” value=“0” />

if I click on that entry however the value it displays is “value=1” in the edit window. So not sure if it’s really applied.

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I think you cannot use the webgui of the phone and EPM at the same time. There might be a setting somewhere (EPM), where you choose which one is dominant.
It could well be that logs just work with Switchvox. Sorry I dont use EPM with Digiums, so I dont know.


Well that makes zero sense…

I never used to use EPM with digium phones but that’s what’s being pushed. It was a complete disaster a year or so ago but gave it another shot and honestly, not going well this time around either.

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No, I meant that you have to tell the system, which config (EPM-based or phone-webgui-based) is dominant. Otherwise you would have two locations for the same setting. I think there was a setting like “allow web-GUI of phone to overwrite setting” or so.

Sorry to hear…I use xml-files and the advanced DPMA method together with the Digium phones config module and parking works perfectly with the internal phone app.


Ah, not what I’m asking.

with DPMA and Digium phone module you could turn on access to the phones web gui. Not that you’d use it to configure the phone at the same time you were using Digium phone module but you could at least see the phone gui and log in.

I can’t even get the gui to be turned on with EPM so I can log into it to turn on look for some logging.

Parking always worked perfect with DPMA and Digium Phone Module.

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All D-models except D80 will output to remote syslog (disabled by default). You’ve got four parameters affecting that:

<setting id="log_level" value="debug" />
<setting id="enable_logging" value="0" />
<setting id="log_server" value="" />
<setting id="log_port" value="514" />


Thanks @mdavenport! got the logging going… now just have to wait until the parking fails on this particular phone again.

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