Sangoma Connect

Just wondering if anybody can shed any info on the below error, can’t find any information on what it could be

Try resetting the application by going to the application settings cog gear and hitting the “Rest Application” button.

Tried that and also fully opened up our firewall, FreePBX is seeing the phone, sees the type / version etc.

Been looking at the app log and see the following not sure what it means by unrecognized interface transport

~> Info
2024-03-28T17:42:12.067Z (1711647732067131)
Origin: RegistratorAgents.cpp:2716
Effective Transport: Unspecified
TRUE - unrecognized interface transport

After a few tries still at the same place,

Freepbx shows the mobile (iphone), version number, extension so its seeing the mobile

Iphone is showing 400 Available but with a broken line circulating around it.

Sip Log shows getCurrentState: return state: Unregistering

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