Sangoma Connect

Are you able to chat via the Sangoma Connect ios?

Not yet. SMS/MMS only as of now, but internal chat will be supported for both mobile platforms in the coming months.

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@lgaetz do you know when sms will be supported on the mobile app?

It’s already supported on mobile!

I do not see an SMS option on the iOS app.


To clarify for future readers:


  • SIPStation Retail SIP Trunking service with valid DIDs that support SMS. See

Commercial Modules:

  • Connect Module version 14.0.8/15.0.8. (For more information about the requirements for the Connect Module, see Installing Sangoma Connect for Mobile.)
  • SIPStation Module, configured for your SIPStation service.
  • UCP SMS Module, and users configured for SMS.

Is there an update on the moble app to support chat? I see that the desktop now supports chat.

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Also very interested in this update.

Mobile chat update has not yet been released. It is coming, stay tuned.

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