Sangoma Connect with Open VPN in cellphone

Hello there

I am connecting to my company’s network using OpenVPN. When I use Sangoma Connect in the background I do not receive any call. Is this a normal situation when using a VPN connection?

simplest way to test is to disconnect from the VPN and call your Sangoma Connect extension from another line.

If the VPN on your phone pushes ALL data through the remote gateway then you’ll probably have an issue.

Sorry, I think I was not very clear describing my scenario. I have openVPN on my cell phone and I register my Sangoma Connect extension thru that VPN connection as my PBX is not exposed to Internet (it has a private ip address, but has internet output to connect to PUSH/REGISTER servers). Calls work fine, but only when app is in the foreground.

Not gonna fully work that way from the way I understand Sangoma Connect works with keep alive and their push server’s

Ok, My understanding is that due to the way apps work on the phones (especially apple) the app cannot maintain a connection when in the background. To get around this the phone stays connected to a sangoma proxy server that alerts it to wake up and connect when there is an incoming call.

I’m not an expert on the inner workings but I’d wager a guess that the vpn is blocking that proxy server connection.

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