Sangoma Connect Video Calls Setup/Issues

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So Ive been using Sangoma Connect with TLS/SRTP for my company and my clients that have PBXact and FreePBX and its been excellent. Very happy with it.

I have Sangoma Connect on my cell as an extension on my company FreePBX On-Premise server. I have a second FreePBX deployment I use for testing hosted on Vultr.

I have 2 cell phones here, my S20 Ultra 5G with Sangoma Connect setup with TLS/SRTP on my main company FreePBX. The second cell phone (iphone) I have an extension with Sangoma Connect setup on Vultr deployment with TLS/SRTP and it works great as well and this extension has a DID inbound route setup. This extension ONLY uses Sangoma Connect, no deskphone.

I called the DID linked to the Vultr Sangoma Connect extension and it rings Sangoma Connect on the iphone just like it should and works great, but when I try clicking the video button in my Sangoma Connect it activated my camera but no video on the iphones sangoma connect app Im speaking to.

So my question is, what is the requirement and limitations for 2 way video between Sangoma Connect apps? Does 2 way video only work if both extensions are using Sangoma connect on the same FreePBX deployment? Is there any setup or configuration within FreePBX that needs to take place to allow 2 way video between Sangoma Connect apps?

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For further testing of video calls between 2 Sangoma Connect clients, I setup my S20 Ultra 5G on the same FreePBX Vultr deployment as the iphone. So I now have 2 extensions on the same deployment both using Sangoma Connect TLS/SRTP without issue. I can receive calls on both phones, make outside calls with both phones and both phones can call each other internally just by dialing their extension as well.

When I click the Video button during an extension to extension call between the 2 Sangoma Connect phones, it pops up and says Front Camera or Rear Camera. I click Front Camera and nothing happens… when I click it again, it still has No Camera selected. it wont enable the camera… Both phones behave this same way.

Also when I go to the Sangoma Connect Wiki:

And under Local Video 1:1 Calling…I click on the “”" our PBX must be set up correctly to use video calling;"" hot link and i get a page not found…

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I recommend a support ticket for this commercial module.

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No need. I got it working great.

The initial wiki video link I posted above was Page Not Found but I found they moved the video setup instructions to the Technical Details…

I just had to enable video codes in Asterisk SIP Settings and thats it. 1:1 video between extensions is working great.

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