Sangoma Connect User temporary login link not working

I’m trying to invite a user to sangoma connect but the email invite doesn’t get received by the user. A support ticket revealed that the sending email server was receiving the error:-
554 5.7.1 [internal] recipient address was suppressed due to customer policy
I have not been able to solve this as the user has absolutely no special config on the email profile to anyone else.

My work around was to use the User Temporary Login Link instead but this time around I click the Eye icon for the link but it seems to lock up and eventually pop up a message that the script has stopped and get the options exit page or wait. I have tried other browsers to no avail.
Just for clarity I click the envelope to start the process, refresh the web page then click the eye icon.

Is this anyone else has had an issue with or is it a support ticket with Sangoma?

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