Sangoma Connect Troubleshooting

I have Sangoma Connect running on my office PBX just fine. I am configuring it on a customer PBX and it authenticates and in the Sangoma Talk app it says Available but call status says “Error” and doesn’t give any further information. In reviewing my configuration I found that under the Sangoma Connect “Settings” tab there was no “Display Name” or “Registration Address” which I knew was a big problem. So I filled those in properly and clicked “Save” and then “Apply Config”.
I notice that it says at the top of the settings tab ““Changes to settings on this tab may require Sangoma Talk clients to be re-provisioned.”” which makes sense, but HOW do you re-provision a Sangoma Talk Client?

You reset the application from the settings menu and send the end user another email to authenticate the app on the phone again.

Thank You very much for your response! that was exactly what I needed. I have it working now.


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