Sangoma Connect - The configured extension for this user is not PJSIP

We have users linked to virtual extensions because they are not restricted to a single office / desk phone. We need an entire ring group to ring when their extension is called.

I cannot enable Sangoma Connect to these users because " * The configured extension for this user is not PJSIP".

Is there a workaround to this situation?

Use chan_pjsip for the user (and preferably all other SIP endpoints as chan_sip is deprecated, unsupported, and scheduled for removal).

I don’t see such an option on the User section.

In the extensions section it is set to “virtual”.

I can’t find out where to make the change you are suggesting.

You need to remove the extension and recreate as a PJSIP extension. Just make sure if there are multiple people using this extension on Sangoma Connect at the same time that you change Max contacts.

I re-created the user with a pjsip extension and transferred ring groups / voicemail over to it and everything works as expected.


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