Sangoma Connect / Talk license

We purchased a 20 seat license for Sangoma Connect 2 or 3 years ago, and have renewed it twice since then. When I go in FreePBX or the Sangoma Portal it shows we’re licensed for 60 users.

Have I done something wrong when I renewed or have I just blown it for everyone else that has encountered this and not said anything?

There was a time where we did not have a “renew” button in the portal to renew softphone licenses, so users would just “buy” it again and this would move the expiration date of the module. In error, it also added another set of licensing when you rebought the module, so essentially you would go from 20 users to 40 users by only paying for 20. We now have a renew button for softphones and buying more licensing does not move the renewal date out, it only adds more users. If you need to renew for less users than what you have because you got to a higher number than needed for free, you can send me a DM with your deployment ID and how many users it should be licensed for. I can adjust it so that you are not forced to renew for 60 users if you only need 20. It’s important to use the renew button when trying to renew softphones or you will just add more users and your license will still be expired.

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That’s perfect, DM sent. Thanks for your help.

Uuuu there is a renew button in the portal? I must be blind but I would love to know where to find it for all our deployments that have upcoming renewals.

Maybe the renew button in Module Admin?

Hmm, the couple of deployments that I know have one I don’t see one either but maybe it only shows up after expiration? Maybe can’t renew before it completely expires.

I just checked for updates in my deployment and it now shoes Endpoint Manager with a Renew button. In the Sangoma Portal it shows it expires 2022-03-07, so exactly a month out now.

Clicking on the renew button allowed me to complete the transaction without going to the portal, so maybe this is what Ryan is referring to.

That must be it. Pretty sure the ones I checked aren’t quite ready for renewal.

Hmm, just found a deployment that’s got the licenses expiring on the 25th but am not seeing a renew button anywhere. Maybe @markham231 can shed some light on the location of said button.

OH duh, it’s in the store when you go to purchase the license.
License purchase

Looks like you found it :slight_smile:

Yup. What’s the grace period after expiration to be able to renew?

And while I have your ear:

  1. Please let us renew from the PBX.
  2. And for the love of god please let me buy a 3 year license or pack of 20. Don’t even need/want a price break, just want to not to have to worry every month about having to renew a different customer’s licenses.

I’m not aware of any penalty for waiting other than users won’t be able to access the clients. No reinstatement fees exist for this.

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