Sangoma Connect/Talk howto

I have to purchase Sangoma Talk Smartphone license and install into a system.

Where should I search now for all the precious deleted-wiki informations to setup the whole system ??

The primary starting place for all Sangoma product docs are at

Following from there for Sangoma Softphones, you’ll end up at:

Thanks, looking for it I landed there…
There were tons of useful, detailed and specific howtos on freepbx wiki , hoping all of them can be migrated on sangomakb, honestly I believe many and many infos won’t be restored.
Maybe I’m wrong… let’s see.
It would have been better if wiki was cut down after Sangoma Knowledgebase full migration.

All the FreePBX content from is in place now at and has been for a few weeks. The only content left remaining to migrate at this point is for things like EOL products and other lesser used pages.

There are still some broken links and images left to clean up, which is in progress still, but the bulk of the migration for PBX specific content is done.

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