Sangoma Connect & Sangoma Desktop/ Sangoma Talk

Purchased 20 license for Sangoma connect and opened all the ports on the firewall as the pbx is behind a forewall but there is not audio or even connection for the Sangoma Desktop app and the mobile app and no one in support has helped about this.
can any one please help me doing the config and the setup so we can use the above ?

I have followed the wiki and i even opened the firewall with no limits to the pbx but no luck.

i have set all the reqirement that has been given in the wiki and if the sangoma APP desktop is in the range of the network with the PBX or in the VPN range of the PBX network it works as soon as I turn the VPN off on my pc the sangoma talk does not work or it is calling but no audio.
as explained before the firewall is open to all so there is no ristriction.
then the sangona talk app on the mobile has been the same too but other way round it worked with 4G interet and it will not work when inside the VPN connection with the PBX.
I have not checked the logs but will add the log shortly as I have to do more test to get the logs and will share it here.

Created a support Ticket with sangoma and no one has replied to it till now

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