Sangoma Connect + Ringgroup

Hi everybody,

We are having an issue with sangoma connect and ringroup

we have a store with technician going on the road. We do have extension for everybody.
while tech are in the shop, the desk phone use for tech and for retail sales in case everybody in the front are busy
we are trying to find a way to remove, only the sangoma phone ( used on cell phone ) from the ring group and no the deskphone it self

if anybody does have a clue for us?


you need to create another extension if im reading this correctly

Sangoma Talk on the mobile is paired to the deskphone and will ring when it rings unless the local DND is toggled

This is the way to do that if you wan to keep the extension the same. My mobile app is on DND most of the time unless I want to take calls on my cell phone, in which case I go in and manually turn it off.

yes i understand, but we want to be able to reach the tech on the road on his extension

if that not possible im gonna make a secondary ext for the phone. im just trying to see if its my best option.

Your other option would be to not use the app and use find me follow me to call the cell phone number directly. Ring groups don’t call the number in the find me follow me list unless you tell them to.

Otherwise there isn’t a way to decouple the softphone from the physical extension.

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While Sangoma Connect does have its own extension (90+ExtNum), the way its coded using the Sangoma modules is that it will ring when the main extension is rung. You could likely get around this with a bunch of custom coding, but keeping it in the GUI:

  1. (Least Complicated) - Add the technician’s cell phone number to the technician extension’s find me follow me, and adjust the Ring Group and FMFM rules to your liking.

  2. (More Complicated) - Create a Sangoma Connect account against an unknown extension. change the caller id of the extension to match the technician’s main phone number. Do the same work as number 1 by addind the hidden extension to the main extensions find me follow me, involking a rule set that will let direct calls FMFM to the Sangoma connect Extension, but the Ring Group calls will just stick to the main extension.

Ring Groups Module User Guide - PBX GUI - Documentation (

Follow Me User Guide - PBX GUI - Documentation (

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