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Sangoma Connect works when my Samsung is connected to the office wifi which has a whitelisted IP on Freepbx. Switching my phone to use its data plan I get registration errors. Checking Freepbx SangomaConnect says it and CloudConnect Agent Status are both Running.

Is there something I’m missing? Should I have some other port open to public to facilitate this connection?

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(Sergio Lobera) #2

Be sure to enable Responsive firewall (PJSIP)
Also, if you opened 5060 or any other port being used for TCP, you need to open that port “to the world” and not to just a few whitelisted ips.


While these are public facing servers, I’m not using the Responsive firewall and only allow approved access through IP Tables. Mobile users have openvpn with softphones like Bria and generally have no problems.

Not really a benefit to switch to Sangoma Connect at this time.

(Sergio Lobera) #4

Then that’s the reason why it’s not working Jason.

(Lorne Gaetz) #5

A VPN should not automatically exclude Sangoma Connect from working. As long as the Sangoma Connect domain resolves correctly, and there is a route from the client to the resolved IP and the source IP is allowed at the firewall(s), I would expect registration to work.

(M Peverley) #6

Sergio, I’m relatively new here so not sure if etiquette says I should start my own thread or not, but I’m having the same problems but don’t have the same cause. The app works if my iPhone is on the LAN but not over cellular, it doesn’t get past registering. We do use the Responsive firewall, and we’re behind a corporate firewall, the IPs listed in the wiki are added to the whitelist, and allowed through the firewall.

I don’t understand your statement regarding “if you opened 5060 …” since the wiki doesn’t mention that as being required for Sangoma Connect.

Would welcome any ideas for where to look to get this working.

(M Peverley) #7

I worked with support and now have this working. I did have to open up TCP and USP 5060 on the corporate firewall.

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