Sangoma Connect phone app wont register

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I followed the Wiki today setting up Sangoma Connect. I have Zulu UC running and working just fine. I also have been using the Groundwire SIP app on my phone for the past 10 months or so problem free.

I installed the Sangoma Connect module in freePBX I have 2 Zulu licenses. I whitelisted the IP’s stated in the Wiki in Intrusion Prevention. I setup a user and sent the email invite.

I installed Sangoma Connect from the PLAY store on my Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. Clicked the Login Link in the invite email. It connects to Sangoma no problem then my extension # pops up and Green Circle in status bar keeps flashing green and saying Registering then final says Registration failed. It then auto starts registering again and again fails and does that in a loop.

In FreePBX that users Authentication Status says “Authenticated.” Under the devices tab in Sangoma Connect module, it correctly lists my Android phone and all its info so the mobile app is communicating with Sangoma and my freePBX server.

In the Sangoma Connect module in freePBX, SangomaConnect says “Running” and CloudConnect Status says “Running.”

My PJSIP bind port is port forwarded in my hardware gateway/firewall to my freePBX server… I connect Groundwire to my freePBX on my android no problem using my FQDN, PJSIP bind port and user extension and password…

What am I missing?? Why wont Sangoma Connect register?

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I fixed my own issue. I only had the Chan_PJSIP UDP port forwarded in my hardware firewall to my freePBX server. I did not have my Chan_PJSIP TCP port forwarded… Once I forwarded that port, Sangoma Connect registered right away.

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