Sangoma Connect no audio with Cisco IOS router

I assume it’s a NAT or port forward issue. I can connect get the phone book etc etc

But no audio in both directions. I have the right ports forwarded or as much as I can do a range with Cisco IOS.

I check the app debug and it’s picking the proper port range, how can I see it on freePBX to see if it knows the port? With Zulu I had to use a stun server to get it to work, but the same stun server settings in Sangoma connect does not work. What else can I check to get things running? Is there a cloud site I can login to to see logs there? I’ve been working on this on and off since the launch of Sangoma Connect. BTW locally it works great, remotely calls rings, and everything else seems to work 100% just no audio.

I got it working I needed a route-map to get udp forwards working.

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