Sangoma Connect - iPhone app - DND vibrates for few seconds before rejecting call / Vibrate always on

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When enabling DND on the Songoma Connect client using iphone11 Pro on ios 13.7 the phone will still vibrate for a brief second and then reject the call. This is regardless if the extension is direct dialed or in a ring group.

Also unable to stop vibrate whether DND is enable or disabled. iPhone ringer is turned on and silent is off and still Mobile Connect vibrate accompanies ring when DND is disabled and no ringtone when enabled.

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We seem to be having this same issue. Has this been resolved ? Is there a workaround for this ?

I will open a ticket, I’m just asking in case there was a quick solution to this.

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I’m seeing this happen but only if I have the app open on my phone. If the app is not actively open then it doesn’t vibrate.

iPhone SE (current) iOS 14.2, Sangoma Connect v1.0.1 64 bit Build 16A757

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Philip, did you open a ticket, get any kind of resolution?

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Sorry for the late reply.

This has been resolved. Update to the latest version of Sangoma Connect.

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