Sangoma Connect Invalid Certificate

When provisioning the Sangoma Connect mobile app I get prompted with an error stating “Invalid Certificate, The certificate for domain is not valid or has expired.” ABORT or TRUST.

Any suggestions?

You’ll need to post the actual UUID of the certificate. I had a quick browse through the CT of that domain and nothing jumped out as obviously expired.;

Open a support ticket please.

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Hi @Russix

Did you open a support ticket? I think what you’re running into is that the extension you’re trying to register to has the transport set to TLS and is not allowing TCP registrations. TLS is not specifically supported at this time, but it may be possible with Support’s assistance to get TLS signaling working for you. Otherwise, you can set the extension transport to ‘auto’, reprovision the soft client and the registration should succeed.

Setting the transport to auto has fixed the issue. Thank you for your help.

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