Sangoma Connect Endpoint vs Zulu

Does Sangoma Connect work like Zulu, creating a 98212 extension of the original pjsip extension of 212 or does it just make another contact for extension 212?

It uses a shadow extension like Zulu for the same reason as Zulu. WebRTC clients have different endpoint settings from normal SIP clients, so a hard phone and a WebRTC phone can’t register to the same endpoint.

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If I am utilizing sangoma connect do I need Zulu and the Zulu server running or will disabling that cause issues with connect?

They each run independently. You can install or uninstall either/neither/both to suit your needs.

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Excellent. For some reason some of my shadow extensions are 98 and some are 90. I have a feeling my user management group also created a zulu extension until I realized it so I was worried that the ghost connect extensions using 98 as the prefix would stop working if I removed zulu. Thanks!

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