Sangoma Connect - Call State - Placed on hold

(Dsivoip) #1

When I try to place a call using the app it goes into “Call state, placed on hold” mode.

May also end call and show “Error Placed on hold”

This happens with both Internal and External numbers being called.

An clues on what “on hold” means for Sangoma Connect and what should be done in response?

Additional info:

The extension number and dot in the upper left corner are both blinking green. Is blinking green the normal state?

Call History is working, Contacts are populated. This indicates some level of communication with the PBX.

(M Peverley) #2

No, if it’s blinking green that means it’s trying to connect. If it connects then it should be steady green.

My guess is that there’s either an IP address or port that isn’t making it through your firewall.