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On the Sangoma connect app, if I click the contact tab at the bottom of the connect app there are two options, one for the devices own directory (phonebook) and another call business which doesn’t have any entries against it. This looks like it’s geared up to pull a directory from the server, any idea how to configure it?



Can anyone offer any advice?

Sangoma Connect will populate the Business directory with the users on Contact Manager. Double check you have users/groups in there.


I have three (default) groups, internal which has the contacts in the I want viewable on sangoma connect, external and private. How can I point the app to the internal list?

Make sure the user’s permissions are set up right. Double check user and groups. The default ‘All Users’ group should have something like this →

Hi I have been trying for a few days but still cannot get it to show up in business directory on the app, can you think of anything else that may need configuring and checking?

I’ve taken one test user in user manager, edited them and added them to all internal groups and public groups.
In user manager groups tab, edited PBX internal directory and have under contact manager tab all internal groups and public groups chosen.
And applied changes on the red apply config button.

I’m within the free first year two seat songoma connect license as I’m trialling it first, not that it should make any difference.

Any further adice would be appreciated.

Just wanted to add some more findings but I still haven’t figured it out. I have an internal directory with some fixed extensions that won’t change and an LDAP directory for individuals. I have assigned one sangoma connect license to one user on each directory and the user on the internal directory shows the complete phonebook but the LDAP user does not show any entries in the phonebook.

Anyone? To simplify can a user created via Microsoft active directory LDAP that has Sangoma connect enabled get the business phonebook populated in the iOS app?

I’ve re-tested this and I can see my AD users listed on my contacts. The AD user or a group in which the user is member of, must have the permissions mentioned above on Contact Manager tab.

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Thanks for your continued advice, I’m trying to modify the contact manger group for AD users but the changes are not saving??

I’m at my wits end with this, I have even spun up a lab active directory and freepbx.

I create a user in AD with an extension, freepbx has ldap configured and creates the user and extension automatically. I enable sangoma connect and send the email invite, in sangoma connect the business directory is empty.

Another user is created in freepbx (no ldap use) and again sangoma connect is setup and email invite send, this user can see the business directory including local and ldap users.

I have extensively tested with the group configuration but connect get the business directory to work.

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