Sangoma CEO has been let go

Wonder what this means for the future of FreePBX and Open Source stuff at Sangoma?

I really didn’t view Bill as an OSS guy anyways. I always viewed him as someone that would use OSS to get a commercialized revenue stream. So maybe someone will go back to treating FreePBX like an OSS project again instead of driving all the focus on commercial add-ons.

I mean based on what I’ve seen from the OSS lounge talks, some had issues with how fast the Sangoma team took an OSS idea in the chat to a way to make money off it. Honestly, in non-VoIP communities I hang out in when people ask about VoIP and FreePBX has been bought up the same opinion is given…FreePBX might say OSS but everyone’s optics is that it is more freemium. In other words, the outside perception in a lot of places is FreePBX is commercial with a free to use option.


Bill may be gone but the mentality and culture he built still exist. For there to be change they would need to clean house. The people who need to go probably won’t.

Well that is starting to confirm my suspicions as to why the announcement was released today, pre-open, instead of Friday, after-close.

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