Sangoma card a102 with a200 fxo


I have elastix 2.4 stable am try to setup that two sangoma card with us on the same server I can find 2 cards on my system but pri only that is dectet by system and give to me this error
error executing command:wanrouter start
DAHDI_CHANCONFIG failed on channel 32: Invalid argument (22)
Selected signaling not supported

is that possible to setup pri and fxo card on the same system

note before I try to connect two fxo card and its working but pri with fxo can do it


I only have a Sangoma A200 card but I thought that when you have multiple cards using the Sangoma Wanpipe drivers they each have their own wanpipeX.conf file so you should be able to configured them separately.

Good luck and have a nice day1


Noone can really help you with any Elastix system, but if you download the latest wanpipe driver from Sangoma and then run

./Setup install

from the extracted directory, it should work as long as you RTFM.

If you go that route, don’t be tempted to use any Dahdi “helpers” neither the long gone Elastix ones or the current FreePBX ones. Just setup Dahdi as the FM says :slight_smile:

Marbled how can setup seprated

Dicko thanks can you give to me steps please

If it is present I am pretty sure that setup-sangoma would create separate configuration file for each card, at least I believe this is the way this is supposed to work.

If it is not present then go the ./Setup install way as dicko instructed you to do…

Good luck and have a nice day!


When i try to wirte this command line give to me invalid command line it means I need to download first right

TFM follows:-

Url for wanpip is expired did you have that file sourse send to me please

Now I can download I will try your setups and get back to your for my feed back thank you so much for your support

My result not working :frowning: I try before with two anlog card its working but pri with anlog still not working any idea gueys :frowning: