Sangoma Breach Notification

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As we all know Sangoma had a security breach late last year, like so many other companies have fallen victim to recently. I haven’t heard anything about it since the Press Releases promising we would be kept up to date on things. I know I personally had information about myself leaked but have yet to get any notification from Sangoma. Today I see a tweet from Richard Smith that he got a letter. Has anyone else gotten anything? Do we have a update from Sangoma on anything and why has it taken 7 months and we still don’t have any official follow up on where things stand and what data was stolen.

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The letter I eventually got stated that they basically got all of my information Name, Address, DOB, Salary info etc. (obviously as ex-employee they had all this information). So they have known for over 7mths that someone has had access to enough information to completely steal my identity but took this long to send me a letter. Wonder what the UK ICO had to say about this?

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Ouch man. I heard from other former co-workers saying they have had their identity stolen recently and they feel it’s related to this but nobody can know for sure. I have not received anything yet on this. You are the first I have heard that actually got a notification.

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