Sangoma Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire Start2Star


Can someone explain to me how this benefits FreePBX? The OSS part of it not how it can churn commercial revenue.

I agree; would really like more context on this. Star2star’s site has a bunch of vague voip-ish offerings… what’s in it for Sangoma?

Also interested especially considering Star2Star cloud is based on Freeswitch not Asterisk.

I wasn’t aware that a publically traded company would be expected to reveal their business plan to non shareholders.

All of the corporate officers of the string of owners of FreePBX© have so far unconditionally pledged ongoing support for the open source bits.

If they see to make a $ down line, then I would also absolutely acquire the asset, but I am not a fly on that wall :smile:

If there is value added services to us, that’s a good thing.

If they break the open source pledge, then that’s a bad thing.

Nothing is expected; some of us just want to prod and poke :slight_smile:

Yep, I’ve been prodding and poking the Open Source thing for years at least since FPBX claimed fail2ban was called IDS and included it in a commercial module, I think that was version 0.8, oh! it still is ;-), So far, so good . . .

I can’t speak for others but I am a shareholder.

And that’s exactly what I’m asking about. What is the value added to the OSS project?

Patience is a virtue, things will more likely develop in Sangoma time, not your time :slight_smile:

Maybe there will be something at the next AGM.

Not the first sangoma to prioritize the finance side:

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All businesses ESPECIALLY PUBLIC TRADED WITH INVESTORS prioritize financials. Do you know what you call a business that doesn’t make finances their priority. You don’t because they’re closed.
I don’t necessarily see a tie in here for current product lines but not everything they buy needs to tie in to current product lines. For many years Bill (fearless leader and ceo) has been driving for a services-based company because that business model keeps your business alive and keeps investors happy. This purchase falls in line with that. The disposable society we live in was built around a need for reoccurring revenue. Unfortunately in the physical world that means things have to break. If you are selling a physical product you have to magically put out a quality product that people will only buy once yet somehow get return business. So you can decide to sell junk that people have to come back and buy over and over or you sell services and enhancements. No business stays alive from one time sales. If you make a widget and you sell it to the entire world, once the world has the widget you make no more money.

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A hobby business. Many, if not most businesses are hobby businesses.

The first purpose of any business, publicly traded or not is to make a profit.

Any other benefits derived from a business derive from that point. If your business’ first priority is something else, that is fine, but you have to admit you are only a hobby business.