Sangoma A200 not being detected via setup-sangoma

FreePBX-Distro (Stable-1.816.210.58)

Hi All,

I have a Sangoma A200 (4x FXO with E/C) plugged into a PCI riser slot in a pc. when I run “lspci” it detects the card, returning “05:00.0 Network controller: Sangoma Technologies Corp. A200/Remora FXO/FXS Analog AFT card”… so it’s picking it up; however when I type “setup-sangoma” the card is not detected.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to get this working - little stumped.


I have the exact same issue with the same card. freePBX distro installed with one hang and reports PBX Firmware:2.210.62-6 PBX Service Pack: Asterisk (Ver. 10.12.0. All the servers are shown as functioning but I have quite a lot of warnings in my error log (which could be due to me being a beginner and misconfiguring things). The question is, does freePBXdistro / asterisk know the sangoma card is there?
Is there some way to check from the gui?

lspci - this command lists what cards you have installed - mine would show up in there. after much debugging with sangoma support, turns out that that card doesn’t play nice wit atom based processors. I put it in another machine and worked first go.

Thanks, lspci finds the card but setup-sangoma does not, also although wanpipe is installed when I use wanrouter hwprobe it reports “FATAL: Module Wanpipe not found.” This box has Opteron processors (in case that is an issue) but I previously installed trixbox and it found the sangoma during installation, without any additional configuration. I know asterisk is compatible with sangoma and the gui says asterisk server is running OK so I am wondering if I can still use the box?

So all is the same, you just did the upgrade to freepbx distro? ie, you haven’t done anything else or added, do you have an expansion card for more fxo/fxs ports because you need to have the power molex plugged in if using expansion. Just off the top of my head thinking what it could be… sangoma usually play very well with freepbx+asterisk.

I would suggest contacting sangoma for support - they are very good and really helped me previously:

best of luck,